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This one-year, full-time program prepares you to make an impact as a data analyst and applied statistician—one of the fastest-growing professions in the U.S. Receive personalized attention from Mount Sinai’s experts in small cohorts of only 5-10 fellow students. Gain real-world experience through applied projects with our Center for Biostatistics or one of many groundbreaking research centers.

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This 30-credit master’s program trains students with strong quantitative backgrounds to become innovators and leaders in the biomedical workforce.  Participate in groundbreaking research in cutting-edge fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning through a partnership with Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering or with Mount Sinai's own Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Institute. Further specialize in three tracks: Biomedical Sciences, Systems Biomedicine, and Principles of Neural Science, Behavior, and Brain Pathophysiology.





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Now is the time to earn your M.S. in Biostatistics or Biomedical Data Science from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, where you’ll use data and computational skills to solve the world’s most challenging problems in health care. With direct access to a $400-million NIH-funded research ecosystem, world-class health care system, and 300+ research labs, you’ll gain a combination of unrivaled hands-on experience and mentorship from our leaders that only Mount Sinai can provide.

As a graduate, you will become part of Mount Sinai’s 26,000-strong alumni network of leading health care professionals, as well as establish professional connections to and support from Mount Sinai Health System career recruiters and talent development network.

Engage Data Scientists and Biostatisticians on the Frontlines of Meaningful Research

Join the ranks of leading researchers around the world. Advance your journey at the nationally-ranked Icahn School of Medicine.

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